We at Talerang are focused on a mission to equip students with relevant skills & practical exposure to help them get the best possible start to their careers.

We have impacted 2 million students with a 90% student rating indicating Work Readiness since we followed our unique ‘4 Point Approach’ - The projects designed in partnership with Talerang are Specific, Structured, Supported and Paid.

  1. Specific- Projects are categorized by tracks and interns are matched according to interests/skills.
  2. Structured- Talerang team along with our partnered organization design a 8 week plan to enable full utility of the exposure gained by the interns.
  3. Supported- Talerang conducts weekly training and coaching to ensure our intern can perform well and seek mentorship to build personal skills. E.g., Written communication, Excel, PowerPoint, Professionalism, Managing meetings etc.
  4. Paid- All our Internship/Jobs are paid opportunities to help students recover the cost of our program.

Why Sign-Up with Us:


  • For our unique 4-Points Approach - Specific, Structured, Supported and Paid
  • We have 400+ Corporate Partners


  • Pre-screened Talent
  • Matched as per skills required
  • Perfect talent match

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We have Partnered with companies like Harvard Business School IRC, Harvard Business Publishing, Schindler, Godrej, Aditya Birla Group, Teach for India, Verve Magazine, Cuemath, and 400+ and have placed interns in various fields such as Operations, Research, Social media, Communications, Analytics, Strategy, Design, Coding, Sales, Finance, Fashion, App development etc.

What works for us:

Alumni Journey:

Shivani Gulati

Everyone’s journey is unique. Don’t compare your chapters with someone who isn’t even writing a book ( yes, that’s an original quote. Bet you weren’t expecting that haan!). Stay flexible and learn as much as you can, but don’t forget to enjoy this ride called life.

– Shivani Gulati

Mridul Aggarwal

Be open to change, agility is the key to building a resilient and successful career today. Talent and energy are a pair that need equal attention along with ‘Unabashed Enthusiasm’ to persevere. Knowing the details and driving through your passion are important virtues as you embark on your professional journey.

– Mridul Aggarwal

Sharmi Seth

Go out with an open mind, and seize every opportunity that comes your way.

– Sharmi Seth

Kiran Chawda

Professional life is not easy at the start, please never ever let your guards down in the initial phase. Things are not always straight and everything takes time: be patient and learn from every little thing happening across. Things you desire would definitely come to you at the right time.

– Kiran Chawda

Priya Mundra

Keep a positive approach. Learn as much as you can. Ask questions. Explore and interact with people. Grab each and every opportunity that comes your way! And appreciate where you are!

– Priya Mundra